AlliA France

AlliA Poland

More than 20 years of history.

We created this entity to support our clients in their industrial development and installation in Poland.

Boiler maker, pipe fitter and installer, the Polish entity processes carbon and stainless steel with expert, qualified personnel. We also draw on the skills of the French design office for processes, thermal and mechanical dimensioning and metal working and welding procedures.

From construction to installation, we offer services in Poland and internationally in compliance with construction codes and regulations in the destination country.

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More than 40 years of history

Since the 1st January 2014, CMI entreprise has become AlliA to affirm our development over more than 25 years in industrial equipment contracting. 

Our Company has become a major player thanks to the alliance of design, production and installation of equipment and production units for treating gases, liquids and paste-like fluids.

An industrial engineering equipment contractor, we are specialised in materials processing (carbon steel, stainless steel and noble materials) enabling us to offer project management associated with an integrated design office to thermally and mechanically design and dimension products or units in accordance with codes, regulations and customer requirements.

Our certifications ISO 9001 V2008, ASME Stamp U, Gost-R, MASE-UIC as well as qualifications with major clients enable us to make commitments to our customers in the chemical, thermal and renewable energy, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and nuclear industries.

A Designer - Provider, we offer skid-mounted units or turnkey on-site solutions to meet the challenges of development or refurbishment of your production workshops, as well as associated industrial utilities by adapting to the means, performance and co-development commitments