Jan 22, 2019 in News

The end of year 2018:- synonymous with new challenges for Allia!

After over a year of negotiations with the major waterways player Compagnie Nationale du Rhône (CNR), the fabrication company from Angers has won its first cofferdams’ order for the replacement of 15 water control structures to seal the turbines of the hydro-electric upstream the Donzère Montdragon’s dam.

Scheduled over a period of 2 years, this project represents 15 mechanical welded parts 6 x 6m, with a weight of 15 tonnes per unit. Thanks to the expertise of their collaborators in this field, Allia accompanies CNR throughout the design and fabrication, using SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling and ROBOT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS for finite element calculation and therefore allowing Allia’s Drawing Office to perform in-house design studies. Fabrication will start beginning of December in our French workshop in compliance with all the relevant quality standards. Once fabricated, the 15 cofferdams will be protected with ACQPA certified anti-corrosion coating providing an excellent water and UV resistance.

In charge of the delivery on-site, Allia will ensure the disposal of the old installation and supervise the testing of the new, hence providing a turnkey service to its Client.



About CNR
CNR (Compagnie Nationale du Rhône) is the first 100% renewable energy (water, wind, solar) provider. Key actor in the energy transition and the fight against climate change, it has created a unique redistributive model around the Rhône concession which combines green electricity production with territorial development.
Since 1934, the CNR has been equipping and developing the river as part of the 3 missions that were conferred upon them by the French State, i.e.

  • Producing electricity,
  • Developing the waterways as well as
  • Promoting irrigation to assist farming.

As an industrial general interest model, it plays a major role in the territorial development of the land in which the river runs through.
Since 2004, it has had a proactive approach to missions of general interest, sharing the fruits of its growth with the territories in which electricity is produced.
CNR is mainly a state-owned capital company (local authorities, Caisse des Dépôts). Its reference shareholder is the ENGIE group.

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